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Publitas review: Is there a free Alternative?

As a person who works daily with online photos and publications, I find the need for a quality service to prepare and upload my files and documents to be indispensable. Like me, you have most likely read more than one Publitas review on this topic.

Lately, I have tried the free publitas alternative and found it to meet essentially every need I have with online publishing of documents in PDF format. Over time I have researched dozens of sites, including reading a detailed Publitas review. I have been seeking a reliable alternative for me to upload and publish all my PDF files online. I find other sites are missing some of the most useful tools needed for making the task simple and effective.

Publitas Review

When I took the time to really analyze what I read in the Publitas review, I found that locating a superior PDF conversion site would take a little research. After doing a lot investigating and going through a trial and error process, I finally came across what has proven to be the best place for all my online PDF publishing needs. has all the high-tech, yet easy to use features for uploading my files online.

I have been quite impressed with how well the site works with no problems or errors. My only regret is that I did not discover Yumpu sooner. I found after reading more than one Publitas review, that there are a variety of useful tools and features missing from the service for being among the best in today’s competitive world with online publishing.

Why I did this Publitas review

I have wasted a lot of time seeking an online company to publish my documents correctly and have them appear online the way I am expecting. As revealed in any Publitas review, I can find some that would be considered moderate at accomplishing this task, but they always charge a fee. Some of these sites charge and do not even offer technical support for the paying user of their site. In addition to that, I found they still lack all the features and technology I was hoping to find. My theory is; “Why pay for a service when you are not even getting everything you need?”

Downloading Files

Another large dilemma I encountered with other services is the speed at which my documents and files can be downloaded by users. In our fast paced modern online world, users of my site do not like to wait a long time for using or viewing the files I provide. As the download time increases, many of my users lose interest or move on to something else and never return to the task in which they were waiting to complete. This is unacceptable for anyone trying to be successful in this current and competitive online world of commerce in which we live. Added to all this are the problems that arise with the technology itself when a download is taking significantly longer than expected.

Some systems, especially mobile devices, will not be capable of downloading the document or file over an extended period of time due to signal and connection issues while mobile, not to mention battery life of the device. A fast, effective and correctly working system for downloading files is essential.

Mobile Devices

Today smartphones and tablets are everywhere. It is a busy world out there and the population demand for “on the go” capabilities is ever increasing. On any given day of the week, millions of people use their smartphone or tablet more than an actual computer. Being that people are always on the go, I understand high level of importance with the need for an efficient and accurately working platform for mobile devices. If my users are unable to download and view any of the forms or files from my site, they will quickly lose interest and move on elsewhere.

When reading my first Publitas review, I discovered that even if the file did download quickly that often times users complained that it could not be displayed correctly on their device due to formatting and compatibility issues. Nothing is more frustrating to my online visitors and customers than having to wait what seems like forever for a file to download only to find it cannot be viewed correctly, or at all, on their mobile device.

Sign Up Forms

Many of the available online services of today will also have items missing from sign up form or other information request page after it has downloaded. One of the more important, yet often missing, features is the ability to embed forms for signing up for membership or services on my site. Without the ability for customers to sign up quickly and easily on my site, I will face a devastating decline in memberships and support.

Audio and Video Files

Reading the many Publitas review articles online led me to a conclusion. For me to stay competitive in today’s online world, I also need the ability to embed audio and video files that can be viewed correctly by my customers. Many times an embedded audio or video file is what captivates visitors. Keeping things interesting with embedded audio and video files places me at a high level of performance and expectation in the minds of potential clients. Having these files present on my site helps to better express my purpose and intention with the site. Without these audio and video files, many might move on to something more interesting.
Social Media
I have experimented with my share of other services in the recent past and I find difficulty locating a good online provider that will allow me to publish my documents and files correctly on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others. A large number of my clients originate from social media sites and to not have a platform for uploading my files to these sites effectively is a big disappointment to say the least. If I can easily upload my files to popular places like Facebook and Twitter with no problems or errors, that saves me a lot of headaches, time and disappointment.
After I finished reading a detailed Publitas review, I found a service that essentially answers all the needs I have for making my website a success. Yumpu is a site that provides the fastest, error free place to publish my files. I can easily embed files to my website, blog, webshop, and social media accounts like Faceboook and Twitter. Now, all my problems were solved. The service is fast and effective for publishing all my PDF files online to my site. The best part is the service is completely free. I never have to pay a monthly or yearly fee for using the site as often as I want or need.
According to a 2013 digital publishing study, utilizing the benefits of an ePaper, on your site delivers a distinct advantage in the online world of marketing. With this cool service an ePaper is simple to embed on any site, online shop or blog. The ePaper remains versatile for a variety of devices including, smartphones and tablets not to mention both Windows and Mac computers.

The ePaper can effectively embed audio files, video files, hyperlinks and detailed sign up forms needed for displaying products or promoting services successfully online. Due to the simplicity, an ePaper receives nearly 3 times more visits and interest than a standard downloaded PDF format. One feature my clients found quite helpful was the dual page presentation with the ePaper feature.

The ease at which the documents and files can be read with 2 pages side by side, like a book, adds an attractive simplicity for the reader. My ePaper also delivers more traffic and new customers to my site through search engines like Google. Some have claimed up to 12 times more visits to their site. An ePaper is much easier to upload and share on social media sites without problems often associated with other formats. One of the best features I like about using an ePaper service is the short loading times. With other PDF services, files take significantly longer and are proven to slow down the webpage loading time.

Distinct Advantages is the best online publishing service available today. The fact that it is free is a big bonus. As I discovered after reading nearly every helpful Publitas review available, it really does outperform the competition in every category when it comes to being effective and user friendly and is a completely free, no cost, digital publishing service for reading online catalogs, brochures, magazines and eflyers and is the biggest ePaper solution in the online world. There are over 20 million publications in the previous 8 years which is more data than the world’s largest library contains is also on the cutting edge of emerging titles in culture, art, fashion and local content. All this information is easily downloadable on any device.

Unmatched Components:

1. Professional support for any concerns or problems

2. Capable of easily embedding audio and video files into publications

3. Refined for search engines like Google

4. Works with all websites, social media sites and online shops

5. Embed links directly on your publication for shopping or any other purpose

6. Supported on all mobile, laptop and desktop devices

After reading and researching tons of information, including top Publitas review articles, I am now quite certain it is the only online digital publishing site that is superior above all others and completely free it is dependable for delivering fast and effective solutions to users worldwide. With a significant edge over the competition, why not experience the advantage has to offer in making your uploaded files viewable for millions of online readers.

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