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Flipbook Creation: The Definitive Guide

A Flipbook is easy to make! Portable Data Files, are typically used for publishing large documents, and converting PDF documents into a flipbook is an excellent way to make the document more attractive and easy to navigate for the reader.


However, it can be very difficult to transform large PDF documents into easily readable articles. After trying several different digital publishing solutions, including offline and cloud-based software and subscription services, I finally found a cool software to be the perfect solution to create digital publications from my PDF documents. This service proved to be the only software that was powerful enough to get the result I was looking for as well as being both easy to use and cost-free.

Across all functions this software was by far the simplest to use, offering all the tools I needed to execute my publishing projects. As a magazine publisher, who produces multiple publications for blogs and social media, I need to be able to quickly create publications of very high quality, and this service fills the bill perfectly. Their software effortlessly transformed my PDF documents into a stunning flipbook and for FREE! Here free means free at it stays free, and it is not just a free trial, requiring no credit card or any other type of payment.

Flipbook Software Comparisons

Of course, you can’t just upload your PDF documents to a website and expect the files to have anywhere near the impact of a full-scale digital publication. Typically, PDFs must be converted into a more visually-attractive format that will allow for a fair amount of customization to produce a stylish look.

After performing quite a bit of research on various digital publishing software platforms I found most to be severely lacking in one feature or another. Where one program may execute graphic display well it wouldn’t allow you to add hyperlinks, and where another would let you insert links it wouldn’t collate or paginate.

For a several years I relied on platforms that would allow me to share my digital publications on social-media sites and even looked good, but I really wasn’t happy with the fact that my publications were hosted on the publisher’s website and were therefore subject to their branding, such as with the digital publishing offered by This meant my readers were viewing ads on the products and services Issuu wanted to promote, instead of my own. This definitely cost me a lot of ad revenue and even encouraged readers to visit other websites instead mine.

Yumpa is a great alternative to other existing online publishing services, like Issuu. After taking a good look at the types of presentation the platform generates from simple PDF documents I was very impressed. In my research I found most of the free programs lacked the more advanced features I needed, such as the capability to embed the finished publications on my own website. While some of the subscription services offered many good features, of course I wanted to avoid having to pay a fee, if possible. Unlike the others, the software provides all need functions and is by far the best solution for creating Flipbook.

When I found this Flipbook service, it looked like an amazing and cost-free alternative to this list of digital publication platforms. It has a lot of the same features as other sites, but also has many advantages that others don’t provide to non-scribers, such as allowing publications to be shared directly on social-media sites and allowing content to be crawled and indexed by search engines.

One of the best things about this software is it gives you the ability to seamlessly integrate your finished flipbook and other digital publications into applications like WordPress, Zapier and Dropbox. This is the only cost-free digital-publishing site I found that creates the experience of reading a print publication, such as magazines, catalogs, flyers and brochures, online.

Robust Features

This service is quick to convert even the largest PDF documents into an attractive and readable Flipbook. The very user friendly Flipbook software just requires you upload your PDF and then select from a series of premade templates. The entire process of converting your PDFs takes only a few minutes. While the online service does offer paid subscription-based plans if you need more advanced features, the free version provides you with the tools you could need to get your publication online. Here are some of the Flipbook features:

  • Flipbook Supports all mobile and desktop digital devices.
  • Fully optimized Flipbook for all search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
  • Embed your flipbook on your favorite digital platform, such as your website, blog, ecommerce tools site or Facebook page.
  • Ability to fully integrate your publications to all major social networks, helping your publications go viral.
  • Easily embed both audio and video into your publications.
  • Add links from your flipbook to you website, blog, storefront and social media sites.
  • Unparalleled customer support.

You can publish your digital documents in just a four easy and quick steps.

  1. Save your document in PDF format, ensuring all final revisions are complete.
  2. Upload you PDF document to the website through the automated upload feature.
  3. Once the PDF document is uploaded select one of the many great template themes.
  4. Post your document by embedding the document code into your website, blog or social media sites.


Overall you will not find a more comprehensive or easier to use digital publishing platform for the cost of exactly nothing. The Flipbook service provides you with all the tools needed to produces stunning and comprehensive digital publications and the online customer support is some of the best in the industry. So, try out this amazing digital publishing platform and see for yourself.

First time Flipbook users will need to register for a free account, but the registration process is extremely simple, only takes a few minutes and just requires an email address. As a free service with great features you have absolutely nothing to lose, and take it from a satisfied user, you are going to love this Flipbook creator.


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