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Yumpu Review – (Awesome, Ok, or BAD?)

Looking for a review? Read on! I used to have great difficulties uploading and creating an magazine with and looked for an alternative. I’m a writer at heart, and the failure of this project was getting to me.


When one day over a cup of coffee I had a friend recommended, a free digital publishing site that could help with my problem, I decided to give it a try.

Creating a solid presence online is never easy no matter how serious you are about delivering a successful marketing campaign. Really, I should know. I have been working at creating the perfect online presence for quite some time now. A lot of my struggles changed when I discovered, the brilliant alternative to Issuu magazines.

I went home and looked up the site they told me to find; I liked the way it looked, clean and modern. As I browsed around it, it looked like it had the resources to help with my problem, so I did a little research. Along the way I found a 2 minute tutorial video with brief but helpful instructions. With its help in pointing me to the yumpu’s guidebook on its website, telling me how to upload my magazine, I was soon well on my way to understanding the basics of this site. They were easy to comprehend, and once I felt I had a grasp on what it took to upload my magazine, I got started.


The magazines created with this service are optimized for all devices and resolutions

Yes, Yumpu is Aweseome – plus they offers 5 Star Support!

It was much easier than I had expected. All of the problems I had had previously with my issuu magazine were quickly shoved to the back of my mind as I relished in the simplicity of The uploading process had taken barely any time, and before I knew it, my works were being published! Feeling energized by my success with my magazine, I started several more projects, and quickly got caught back up in writing again.

Simplicity is what make Yumpu the best selection. All you have to do is upload a PDF file and it will be converted digitally. I had been looking for a viable alternative that is easy to work with, but had no such luck for an extended period of time. You would think with all the demand for digital information, providers of conversion software or online programs would be easy to find. I guess they are east to find, in general. Locating one that provides a relatively simple to run program, however, is not so easy.

The ePaper creation is really easy. Just drag your PDF into the upload box on the homepage.

But let me go in better detail about what exactly does. It is an easy to use free digital publishing site that transforms your creative ideas (magazines, resumes, catalogs, brochures) and turns them into a readable print publication and can convert PDF to flipbook with ease. This online site that simulates a reading experience for viewers out of your work is fast, comprehensible, and, of course, free. This digital newsstand, or publisher, is an excellent platform for more than 20 million different catalogs, magazines and flyers, and it has millions of readers who are active and participating in its services. From top information in the arts, fashion, hyperlocal content and cultural pieces, yumpu features these reader-friendly magazines that can be accessed from any device. There are numerous online publications that use yumpu software.

Some might wonder why even both digitizing a PDF file. After all, people can read a PDF just the same. Well, theoretically this is true. The trouble with PDF documents makes them really outdated choices for anyone who is interested in serious online marketing.

PDF Files and Their Limitations

Anyone who is looking for an pdf magazine solution should also think seriously about the drawbacks of traditional PDF files online. For one, the contents of a PDF file are not going to be indexed by the search engines. As a result, people typing keywords or relative content into the search engines are not going to be able to locate your document. How can they? The material will not have been indexed.

Even those who do locate the PDF file have to wait an interminable amount of time for the document to load. Not everyone is interested in waiting and waiting for this to occur. Time is precious and who wants to wait around while page after page of the PDF file remains blank until the download is finished?

With a digital file, an HTML5 reader displays the material and skimming the contents is extremely easy. There are no hassles or other issues with downloading. Anyone who clicks on the document can access it immediately and without any trouble.

For you, as the publisher and the editor, you gain a lot of further benefits with the digital file.

SEO optimized Yumpu Magazines in the cloud

arrow4One of the greatest things about it is that this site will easily upload projects (don’t know about issuu magazines), and display it online in public domain as a digital reader, making my works accessible to the world. And, don’t forget, it’s completely free! The magazines and other kinds of works are hosted in the cloud, and then customized so that their look is enhanced to that of a quality publication. This relevant site supports all devices, whether a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop. It has been optimized for various search engines, such as Google, making it easy to find and easy to use.

Yumpu has a large variety of features that add to its convenience and efficiency. When you upload your magazine or whatever else, you can customize the way it appears: from adding your own logo, to switching out backgrounds, to adjusting the colors, and so much more; adding your personal touch is a big plus, because you want to have your personality shine from it. lets you embed your magazine or catalog on your favorite platform, such as an online shop, your website or your Facebook. Yumpu features also include the ability to embed audio and video into your publications, links so you can shop from your publication, and unparalleled support. Yumpu is fully integrated with an abundance of the top social networks to help your publication spread.

Expanded Features with a Yumpu Conversion

There are scores of expanded features on Yumpu that allow a PDF file to truly become something more than a magazine or newsletter or flyer. Multimedia files can be easily weaved into the content. Not every Issuu magazine is able to offer this feature and the feature is definitely an extremely helpful one.

Imagine presenting a podcast or a short promotional video to further help establish the value of the product or service being promoted. The audio or video does not even have to be elaborate in order to be successful. The key point here is you have the ability to integrate the features as you wish. Your readers likely will appreciate the presence of such components.

And you are also able to expand your reach through social media. is an effective alternative to Issuu in terms of its ability to work with all the top social media platforms. Truth be told, unless you are working very hard at promoting yourself and your wares on a social media platform, you are never going to be as successful as you otherwise would have been. The digital content you wish to share does have to work with the top social media sites. With Yumpu, this is never a problem.

There is another facet to this service is very interesting. The produced files work well on any platform. In addition to being easily accessible from a personal computer or a laptop, a reader is not going to have any trouble pulling up the files from a mobile device. This is a huge benefit to an entrepreneur. People are always on the go and this means they rely on mobile devices to connect to the internet. Making your document accessible to this medium is a must for success.

Working with this magazine online platform

Selecting this service as the source of all your digital file conversions is definitely a smart move. The name is one that is well established in the industry. Since 2006, the company has produced an enormous library of ePaper products. Well over 20 millions (No, that is not an exaggeration) documents have been produced by the company.

The sheer volume of content produced covers virtually any and all different subjects. From sports to fashion to news to pop culture and beyond, Yumpu has helped deliver untold scores of different ePaper documents for promotional, informational, and entertainment purposes.

You have another added benefit to working with this service. Unlimited support is available. No matter what type of ePaper document you are interested in producing, someone will try and help you overcome any stumbling block you may be experiencing.


From easy access to speedy delivery to free work, is a great way to publish any magazine, brochure, resume, flyer or flipbook. It’s a great tool for putting your publications in reach of millions of readers, helping you to gain credibility. This digital publishing site has helped me get started in my passions. So make sure to check it out as you get involved in the writing and creating that you love.




Is it worth switching everything I do to Yumpu if I usually use Issuu? I’m pretty comfortable with issuu. Thanks.

Grantham Vanhoose
Grantham Vanhoose

Hi Jacob, I personally prefer Yumpu because it’s simple, fast and free. You can upload your PDF and your magazine will be finished within 1-2 minutes. Also, the ability to insert videos and audio files (which issuu doesn’t offer) makes it a no-brainer for me!


I also tried Issuu magazines and it was ok for a while but as soon as I saw what Yumpu could do, I never wanted to go back. What I like about Yumpu is the fact that even the free version has a lot of very useful features that will allow even beginners to create a magazine in a short period of time, with ease. And they don’t need to be web savvy at all to do create a great looking magazine in minutes.

Grantham Vanhoose
Grantham Vanhoose

Thanks for your input, Lily!


Awesome write up my man, I’ll give Yumpu a shot. Just one question though, is this completely free or do you recommend getting a paid upgrade?

Grantham Vanhoose
Grantham Vanhoose

Hey Issac, thanks for your comment! Yumpu has a life-time free Account which offers great Features out of the box. There’s also a premium account with even more features, which osts around 10 bucks.

Marty Mc Fly

What I love about Yumpu is the simplicity of use. I was able to mess around with this and pick it up almost instantly. Really easy to use.


Yumpu rocks, I was able to bang out about 10 flipbooks last night for some businesses in the area. Great suggestion!


I can’t believe Issuu doesn’t have the capability of inserting videos or audio files! I mean, Yumpu is free and offers this! I never tried Issuu, I went straight for Yumpu and I’m very happy with my choice. So happy that, after a while, I opted for their paid version because some of their extra features were things I wanted to have. But even the free version is pretty sweet and I think most people would do very well with this alone.


This would be perfect for my family’s restaurant business. Thank you so much!


For me, the capability to add audio and video files in the magazine at no charge at all is what took Yumpu at the top of my list for magazine creators. So easy to use, simple to understand, lots of features for free, compatible with major social networks, etc. Just great!


I remember the first time I used Issuu: it took me roughly 60 minutes to get my PDF into magazine format (the way I like it). And the funny thing was I was happy with it. But, then a friend told me to try Yumpu (knowing how much time I spend creating magazines for me and my clients) and I can’t thank him enough for doing this! I got my very first magazine (created with Yumpu) done in about 20 minutes! I was already gaining over 40 minutes per magazine!


I have gotten so used to working on Yumpu that I wouldn’t leave it for anything!

Their free version is just spectacular, allowing almost anyone to get a magazine done within minutes if they already have a PDF of it.

It’s also very helpful when it comes to SEO optimizing, sharing your magazine on Facebook or embedding it on your own website.

I can also read a lot of other magazines created by other people and get inspiration from them.


I am using Yumpu to read a multitude of online magazines and it works fine. I never tried making my own magazine although I am tempted to start one about interior design. I have some experience in the field and have always dreamt of doing this for a living. Hmm…

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