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How to convert PDF to a flipbook

As a professional freelance graphic designer, I was looking for a great way to display a portfolio of my best work without using an expensive web design service or site theme. I had a PDF version of my portfolio that looked fantastic, but wasn’t very efficient to display online. I was happy to come across, a self-serve web application that convert PDF file to flipbook free. Read on to see how this free PDF flipbook service turned out to be the best solution to my problem and actually exceed my expectations.

Example flipbook from Yumpu:

Quickly Convert PDF to Flash Flip Book

I recently discovered that turning any PDF document into a flipbook is now faster and easier than ever. All I had to do was create a free account, select the PDF page I wanted to transform from the files on my computer, and upload it to the site – just easy. I was even able to drag and drop the PDF document page from my desktop. The process required very little effort on my part. This allowed me to easily convert my PDF portfolio into a beautiful flash flip book or ebook and embed the finished product onto my professional website.

In comparison to other digital publishing software, Yumpu is superior for all intents and purposes. Other flipbook software sites limit your choices and are not as easy to use. This free PDF page flipping software sites also charge their users for features that are free with this PDF flip book service.

Lots of Free Features for your Flipbook

The capabilities of this flash flipbook software service are powerful and available at no cost. After i Create a PDF page and convert a PDF to a flipbook, I can embed it on any web property that I control. One of my favorite features, the free WordPress plugin, is a life-saver, because it allows me to effortlessly create, upload and convert PDF to flash flip book and place the PDF flip anywhere within my WordPress-powered blog or website without leaving the site’s dashboard. Watch the video about yumpu flipbooks and their page flipping or page turning effects below!

With, I am able to upload and convert an unlimited number of documents that contain an unlimited number of flipping book pages. On these flipping book pages, I can add audio, video, outbound links and cross-links to other pages within the book. In addition, the content of my flipbook is search engine optimized.

The PDF to flash magazine software service supports desktop and mobile functionality and the flipping book documents are fully optimized for social media sharing. In fact, on Facebook, I can embed a flip book or ebook into a post and my audience can read through it without having to leave the site. I use Facebook quite a bit so this is a very valuable feature for my business.

Zoom-in and zoom-out functions, easily recognizable links, and speedy loading times make these flip books very reader-friendly. Readers can search the published document’s contents, opt to see a thumbnail overview, and toggle in and out of full screen. They also have the option to view one page at a time vs. two pages at a time while reading. Additionally, viewers can download the original file to peruse it offline on their computer or mobile device – just easy!

Thankfully, the site’s support community is top notch and I’m able to get quick and helpful answers to any technical questions I may have.

All of these features are available at absolutely no cost, making this a useful and affordable tool for any business to convert PDF to flipbook free.

Try it with No Risk is the perfect solution if you need to convert PDF to flipbook. You can now easily display portfolios, magazines, brochures, catalogs, flyers, ebooks and more on your websites, Facebook pages, and ecommerce shops. There is the option to upgrade for access to some premium services (including Google analytics, iPhone and iPad apps, and subscription management), but the basics mentioned previously are available at no cost.

If you are like me and looking to publish a viewer-friendly document online, you should try this service to convert PDF to flash flip book. You will be very glad you did.




flipbooks are definitely the future of the digital publishing industry. great article!

Grantham Vanhoose
Grantham Vanhoose

I think that too. Most of the big publishing companies already use some sort of digital flipbook and those who don’t may not be able to compete in a few years.


great post like always Grantham 🙂

Grantham Vanhoose
Grantham Vanhoose

Thanks Sammy, I appreciate your feedback!

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