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The only PDF magazine creator you will ever need is the leading PDF magazine creator in the world today, and they have perfected the PDF file to free digital magazine software needed by so many artists and writers. This service has given birth to so many magazines that I could never keep up, but I know that my own magazine is being read consistently by users of the platform. I want to show you how I started my own magazine using this amazing technology.

Why use a PDF magazine creator?

I had an idea for a journal that I could create and publish to promote my at-home business. I wanted to mix color and words together into one issue. I wanted to release new issues every few months that people could enjoy, but I wanted to ensure that I could control the quality of my content I did create.

I am not an html wizard, and I assumed that I could not create the page flip magazine including the design I wanted. I found and their PDF flip book maker because I wanted something that was easy to use. You may be the sort of person that has beautiful and artistic design ideas, but you do not know how to put those ideas with great design on a website or computer program.

Getting Started

I decided to use the PDF flip book software without doing any experiments. I knew what I wanted to create, and you probably feel the same way about your magazine. You know what you want to do, and you want to get started as soon as possible. This service lets you get to work immediately on the documents that you have been dreaming of publishing with an amazing interactive page flipping effect.


Your flipbook may be edited at any time. You will publish your flipbook to their website, but you may make changes when you need to. I create a new digital magazine publishing every few months, but you may create a catalog for your business that you change when you get new products.

Yumpu shows when your magazine has been edited, and you may send out new links to your customers. The software makes it easy for you to manage your magazine after it is finished, and you are free to make as many design changes as you like and its also compatible to mobile devices and to share on social media channels like facebook or twitter.

Share Your Magazine

I share my magazine with all my customers on social media like facebook twitter and email. Yumpu gives me a direct link to my work that is easy to share, and my customers read the page flipping magazine online when they want to. I am not sending massive files to everyone that clog up their computers. I am sending a simple link to a magazine that I am proud of, and the sharing is liberating for an artist who is not a publisher and this also works on your mobile devices.

This PDF flip book creator Is Free

I use for free for every new magazine I create. The PDF magazine creator does everything for you, but it is a free service. The site is simple for even someone like me to use, but it does not cost my business any money. Convert PDF page to digital magazines software is extremely expensive, and you should not waste your money when you have this infinite resource at your fingertips.

I marveled at the PDF magazine maker the first time I used it, and I look forward to using it for every new magazine. I enjoy creating magazines because I can be as creative as I want. There are no limitations with this PDF flip book software, and you may read my magazine online whenever you like. I will be happy to read your magazine or interactive PDF once it is finished, and you will be added to the massive collection of magazines created using this revolutionary online service.




Is this really 100% free to use? What are the restrictions?

Grantham Vanhoose
Grantham Vanhoose

Hello Bennie,

yes, the basic version is completely free to use. You can even publish as many magazines with as many sites as you want. The only restrictions are that you might see some ads and the player is branded by Yumpu. Also a few features are exclusive to the paid plans. But those features are only needed by big publishing businesses.

Best Regards,

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