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Convert a PDF to a flash magazine in 2 minutes for free

I had one of my own magazines and was editing two more for clients before I realized that just creating them using HTML was not working for us from a user experience standpoint. So I started looking at publishing them as PDFs and then finding a service like to convert them into online flash magazines. My theory was that if they were in a format that was better suited for pre-packaged social media distribution, we would save on production costs and please our readers more.

The Search for a flash magazine converter

I started by looking at sites like Issuu and Joomag in order to try them out and see if they could handle our requirements. They have the capability of converting pdf to flash magazines, but one of our customer requirements was to make it easier for our mobile customers to read our magazines that had video embedded by allowing them to download all the video and audio at the same time that the magazine was being read so that they could enjoy it offline. The only site that I found that was able to do that easily and well was

The perfect flash magazine solution

When I first looked at this service, I noticed that there is a free version and an ad-free version that has a 30 day free trial. So I signed up and logged in and dragged one of my PDFs onto the landing page, choosing to convert it. In a short amount of time, the flash version was available with a layout that was very close to what I was looking for. I could also compare it in an online pdf magazine viewer.

My clients have high-level design ideas and I wasn’t expecting that the design aspects of the flash magazine would match my expectations. I was planning on doing quite a bit of editing before it was perfect. Instead, it took me less than 45 minutes to turn it into what one client termed “Exactly what we need.” So, emboldened, I converted my own magazine and put that out in flash format as well.

What is Yumpu?

The benefits of using this PDF to flash magazine service

  • It’s free to use, you can upload as many magazines as you want
  • Supports all devices. Mobile and desktop.
  • Optimized for search engines like Google.
  • You can use your own corporate branding
  • Embed it on your favorite platform (website, facebook, online shop)
  • Fully integrated with all major social networks, publications will spread like wildfire.
  • Embed Video and Audio into your flash magazine
  • Link from your flash magazine to your website
  • Top notch support

The Platform that Grows With You

Of course, in addition to wanting a magazine that looked good and navigated well, I was also looking for a platform that allowed us to use a customized IOS app. And as mentioned before, one that would allow a full magazine download. The service has that capability and more. In addition to the IOS application for smartphones and tablets, you can also build SEO into your magazines because the platform allows you to optimize your magazines for Google search. If you are like me and need to create greater visibility for the magazine topics that you cover, Yumpu is the site that you want to use. Another positive from a marketing standpoint is that the platform features two-way embedding.

You can embed links into your magazine and you can embed your magazine into your existing website. You can also push snippets or full articles out to fans on all forms of social media. You can even create pdf magazine versions and view the documents in a pdf magazine viewer. The icing on the cake for my clients, however, was the ability for us to be able to use the available API on their behalf to optimize the search functionality within their magazine so that their readers could have a better overall experience.

Where we are Today

After converting all three of our magazines to, I ordered the most expensive monthly package because we planned to use our new results to add more magazines to our collection and publish them in a kiosk. So after a few months of publishing, we showed the results to new potential clients and soon added 3 more magazines to the list of magazines that we publish pdf to magazine full time. The nicest thing was that the amount of time that it takes to publish the extra magazines in flash format is negligible compared to the number of new readers we are putting our publications in front of.



Walt Tom
Walt Tom

Great solution you found there. Is it better than the competitors like Issuu?

Grantham Vanhoose
Grantham Vanhoose

Hey Walt,

it always depends on what you want. Yumpu is a lot cheaper than it’s competitors, without a loss in quality, but it may lacka few features that other companies have. I would still recommend it over the other services I tried so far.



thanks for the tip, i’ll check it out!

Grantham Vanhoose
Grantham Vanhoose

No problem mate, I hope you’ll like it 🙂

Marriyum Intesama

I checked it out. It’s great but the only thing bothering me is , will I get my own URL link? If it do it for free?

Grantham Vanhoose
Grantham Vanhoose

Hi Marriyum,

you will get an url at for your magazine at the free plan.
Plus you have the option to share your flash magazine with an embed code on all social media channels or with an iframe in your homepage.


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