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Blurb Examples – the best you can find

In the twenty-first century the most important aspect of getting any point across is the use of the Internet, and particularly social media. I noticed very quickly that using quickly allowed my blurb examples to go viral and bring me a whole new audience for my company’s brochure.

When I started out the use of an website and a few printed brochures was enough to get my business up and running, but my ambitions cannot be fulfilled without reaching as many people as possible via social media and the more than twenty million subscribers to Yumpu’s digital newsstand.

My business is still small, but growing steadily and at a rate I never could have imagined. Before finding Yumpu I would create my blurb examples or an Yumpu Magazines¬† for my flyers and brochures and struggle with converting pdf’s to other formats. A friend told me about Yumpu and I have used their pdf conversion software ever since to safely and easily turn my blurb examples into published digital material.

Why I used these Blurb examples

My Online brochure is important in letting my customers know the products I have to offer them each season. I often want to link my blurb examples to the images I place on my website and social media, after Yumpu convert my blurb examples I can easily embed the converted pdf into a website, email or social media post. The best part of Yumpu for me is that after registering there is very little I have to do as a registered user to complete the conversion of all my pdf documents. To After saving my blurb examples as a pdf I simply upload the required document to and let Yumpu complete the process of converting to my desired output. Although my market research was not scientific, I took a straw poll of my customers and the majority stated they enjoyed the way Yumpu made my documents simple to read and allowed them to retweet and post details of my goods to their favorite social media sites. There is no better way to display PDF in HTML.

New marketing techniques can cause problems with the completion of any businesses attempts to market their goods and services. For me, one of the major issues I faced was finding a way to produce effective blurb examples and publish them in a format that covered both mobile and desktop Internet applications. In recent years I have sat through endless websites and details from so called experts telling me to divide my marketing options into those based entirely on mobile applications or desktop Internet options. Now, with Yumpu I have found a way to use both forms of website and publishing options and keep the conversion and embedding process as simple as possible. I no longer need to spend a large amount of time converting my documents to two different formats to keep all my customers happy.

Of course one of the major attractions for me as a business owner is the ability to have my brochures seen by millions of people around the world through the Yumpu Online newsstand. I simply insert a link to my Online store and potential customers who have enjoyed my blurbs and other documents are able to view my entire range of goods from the comfort of their own home. As my confidence in Yumpu has grown because of our excellent business partnership and simple to use Website I have seen my confidence grow in what I can achieve with my pdf documents and published brochures. From the basic designs I set out using.

I don’t make Blurb examples anymore

I have spread my wings and added my company logo and changed various design features to make my documents more eye catching. The next step I am undertaking with Yumpu is to add video and audio to my documents to give my customers a virtual tour through my store and the products I sell. With my business has grown beyond my wildest expectations and continues to grow as I become more aware of the marketing options they provide for me.


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