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Embed PDF is so Wrong! Here’s the right way!

I have been running an online gaming news site for the past few years. However, when it came to embedding PDF files into my website, things never went as plan. The main problem that I was having was that pages with embedded PDF files were running extremely slow. If it wasn’t for, I would have had to stop embedding PDF files because it was frustrating not only to me but to my readers as well.

Of course, that was not the only problem that I was having with embedded PDF files. Any page that I had an embedded PDF file on couldn’t be shared easily over social media platforms. These pages never displayed right on mobile devices either. With mobile searching and browsing expected to outpace desktop browsing by 2015, this was a real concern for me.

Embed PDF was yesterday. Look at this HTML5 PDF embed example:

I spent days on the Internet looking for the best solution to my problem. I came across a lot of potential solutions, but most of them turned out to be more trouble than they were worth. Then I found Yumpu and did a little research on it. What I found out was that Yumpu offered the solution for which I was looking. is the largest ePaper solution worldwide. With more than 19 million publications since 2006, this is even more than the world’s largest library!

There are several reasons why Yumpu stood out among the other possible solutions. The main reason why I went with Yumpu, however, was because it allowed me to embed PDF files into my website quickly and easily. Best of all, Yumpu let me embed PDF files into my website for free. Let’s face it, you can’t beat free!

So What Is Yumpu

Before we get into the benefits of using Yumpu services, we should talk a little about it. For the most part, Yumpu is a free digital publishing site. The goal of Yumpu is to head simulate the experience that readers get from reading a print publication. This is something that is difficult to achieve on the Internet, but Yumpu helps make it possible.

Yumpu is extremely easy to use, as I found out! All I had to do was upload a PDF file. Once I did that, my PDF file could be displayed online for digital readers. The file was also stored in a cloud for free!

Benefits of the “new” PDF embed

Switching to Yumpu was the best move I ever made for my site, and a lot of it has to do with Yumpu ePaper technology. This is a plugin that allows me to upload and embed all of my PDF documents right into my website. One of the things I love about Yumpu ePaper is that it goes nicely with the rest of my website and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Here are some of the benefits of using Yumpu ePaper, according to the Digital Publishing 2013 study.

• First of all, ePaper can be embedded into any online shop, blog or website easily. Once it’s embedded, it can be viewed and read easily from all major devices. This includes PC, Mac and even mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

• Another thing I like about ePaper is that it’s interactive. Everything from videos and sounds to sign-up forums and are possible with ePaper. Having things that are interactive on my site is a fantastic way to keep people on my website longer.

• Studies have shown that ePaper gets nearly 2.5 times more page views compared to downloadable PDF files. Visitors are much more likely to view the information on my PDF file if they don’t have to download it.

• ePaper brings back the natural feeling of reading with double-sided presentation. This gives visitors the feeling of actually reading a magazine instead of just reading something on the Internet. This makes the whole reading experience more fun.

• ePaper is indexed more often by search engines. This means that ePaper is going to bring more traffic to my website.

• One of my personal favorite benefits is that ePaper can be shared across social media platforms For example, I can easily share my PDF files on Twitter and Facebook.

• Last but not least, ePaper has a much shorter load time than PDF files. Studies show that people have a very short attention span. If a page takes too long to load, my visitors become disinterested, and I might lose a sale.

Why PDF Files Matter

If I was having such a hard time uploading PDF files to my website, why didn’t I just give up on it? Did I really need to post PDF files on my website? The short answer is yes! I wanted to use PDF files on my website for a number of reasons. The main reason was because PDF files are known around the world.


I don’t know what I would have done if I had not found Yumpu. It was the answer to the problems I was having on my website. I love the service I get, and received great support to help me get started. Yumpu makes it possible for me to embed PDF files into my website easily and even share those pages on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The service is not only supported on desktop computers but also on mobile devices. The fact that it’s optimized for search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo just adds to Yumpu’s appeal.

If you want to embed PDF files into your website and you want unmatched support, look no further than Yumpu.


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