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Issuu App – there is an awesome Alternative!

With hundreds of options available in mobile applications, many of our tasks have become easier than before. For an instance, when I tried to create a magazine article in order to post it online, I found a number of apps. Issuu app is one of those apps that have a forum for posting meaningful contents, blurbs, and articles.

However, when I tried using this Issuu app, I couldn’t upload my content because there was no option to convert my PDF file to a web file. In contrast, is an easy-to-understand online platform (it has an App too!) that allows users to upload their eBook in minutes. In fact, this app can be downloaded for free on all Apple and Android products.

Why the Issuu App didn’t do it for me

#1No wonder, Yumpu is one of those most famous web apps for content writers, readers, and creators. This app actually solved my problem. With this app, I could easily post my content on to web. In addition, this app allowed me to perform a number of actions such as embedding a document on my website, edit my online magazine, and storing catalogs. The best part is all these are free. That means you can create, share, and edit your online magazine through this app. Also, your PDF will be published online through Yumpu. All these can be done through this app. All you need to do is create an account, upload your eBook, and publish it. The best part is you can do it just in one click.

For those unaware of this app, it is an ePaper converting app available for both Apple and Android users. This application is free to download and use. Through this app, users can create, edit, and share their eBook. You actually don’t have to convert your PDF files to doc or some other files in order to upload.

This app will do the job for you. Once you click on upload and select your PDF file, Yumpu will upload it in minutes.

In addition, this app also extracts to link images, hyperlinks, and website textdata to link your uploaded document with it. This will certainly improve the online visibility of your content and your website. In short, search engine optimization will be easy and quick.

SEO friendly magazines – the Issuu App Alternative

SEO4That’s not it. Yumpu also does a lot more work for its users. In order to optimize your published document online, Yumpu creates SEO friendly magazines so that all top search engines including Google and Yahoo lists your links on their top search lists. Publications can also be posted in social media pages including Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Furthermore, the app also allows its users to send publication links via email or even embedding their own link into their website. In short, this app helps your publication’s search engine optimization in many ways. After all, high level of online attendance ensures that your page will receive maximum traffic in turn.

Yumpu offers similar services as the Issuu app. Through Issuu app, you will also get an opportunity to browse through some of the best online magazines, catalogs, and beautifully crafted eMagazines for free. Just like the Issuu app, Yumpu also helps its users in creating online profiles and uploading their eBooks in minutes. In addition, they can also access other’s meaningful contents published via this app. Reading through hundreds of digital pages can also be done through this app. Issuu app also does a smart content recommendation engine that helps users to find interesting contents and magazines published online. That means after publishing your magazine through Yumpu, you can always read and watch those online through Issuu app.

The conclusion

New users can test their own magazine through Yumpu. The app’s newest feature Showcase app can be used to test a new APPKiosks if the user is an Apple product user. Using the converter, you can upload your PDFs to ePaper magazines. The next step is to create a WebKiosk or AppKiosk for Apple users. Use the code from your WebKiosk in order to use the Showcase app. Users can use’s Webkiosk 30 days for free. Testing your own magazine is certainly easier with


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