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I tried this HTML5 PDF flipbook tool and I loved it!

I know all too well the panic of needing to inspire and generate new readers. I have made silly leaps into badly thought-out pseudo innovations. Anyone else try Friendster to share publications? Don’t. I have been down so many different routes but nothing seemed to be the right fit for me and my magazines. I thought I had tried everything, I was about to give it up entirely, until I discovered

Today, to say they have transformed my business is an understatement. is a popular digital magazine publisher that does all the hard work for you!

Not only do they allow you to create incredible, interactive flipbooks and magazines, they also make the transition into apps, multiple devices, interactive content and analytics a simple one.

The process is so simple huge global titles and house hold brand magazines use their services, putting you in great company and getting you in front of 1500 new readers a day!


Embed Your Publications inform of a page turning Magazine!

This is the best possible place to get started in digital publishing. Flipbooks are not for everyone and the Free Package from is a great place for you to experiment with creating these fascinating and versatile little gems.

My favourite part of the Free package from is that you don’t just get the simple upload features, as you do with most flipbook publishers, with you get so much more.

You can share your work on all social media sites, you can embed audio files and video and best of all you can upgrade any time you like to Adfree for only €8 a month.


Protect Your Flipbook and make it Private!

Magazines online have a similar business model to those that are in print. We all have advertisers we want to attract and we do not need to have these clients compete for attention on the page. Adfree from gives you the total freedom to create stellar magazines at are strikingly eye catching, you can do this because remove all third party advertisers from the pages.

Business and corporate clients can use the Adfree product to generate engaging and fun internal and external communication documents. They can share information with confidence, knowing that no other company’s brand will be seen and that their documents are complete secure because AdFree also comes with nine privacy settings.


The simple way to share Your Magazines with the whole world!

This is when you really shift gears in digital publishing.’s products are designed to support you, and the Webkiosk is a great example. As well as having all the functionality you would hope for in a publisher, they also make having your own dedicate online magazine kiosk as easy as pie. Without a single piece of software or any complex design processes’s Webkiosk allows you to have your very own unique, custom designed site.

webkiosk popscene

It can include your logos’ and colour schemes keeping it fresh and recognisable to your readers.

You can use the simple drag and drop systems to explore the designs and make something you really adore.

That’s not all; you can also manage all the advertising on the site, monetising the space for you and freeing up your time to focus on creating the magazines to sit on your new shelves.


Welcome to the future of your digital publish business!

Welcome to the AppKiosk! Do not be alarmed, this product is as easy to use as the apps themselves. Desktop publishing was vital when the boom in online content consumption began. That has now evolved further, and if you want to stay ahead of the game, then mobile and tablet apps are your natural progression.

You can have a dedicated app for your magazines and your readers can download them to enjoy off line on both iPhones and iPads. Because treats its clients so well you will not feel alone in stepping out in to the world of apps, you will feel supported, comforted and most certainly ecstatic with the results.


prokiosk-jumdesignThe ProKiosk is for those of us who have been creating both apps and have WebKiosks. It allows all the products you use to be combined and managed by multiple users.

If you have a certain number of readers and titles you will want to explore the ProKiosk functions to see how you can improve and streamline your services, let do the hard work for you.

Because understand the need to keep agile the ProKiosk can move and grow with you and the team at are always on hand to help you when you have questions.

prokiosk-logosThey ProKiosk is also the smart option for anyone wanting to maximise on the app market as it also allows in app purchases to take place that will please you and your readers, equally.

Whether you are a wanting to share your wedding album with family, start a college newspaper, expand your magazine audience or go fully into multiple device app development, then is the site for you. With products to match your needs and the AdFree plan even available for a free trial, what have you got to lose by logging in today and trying it for yourself?


The free HTML5 PDF flipbook Tool helps you create flipbooks that read just like real magazines.

You may convert PDF to html5 flip book for your online readers, and you will reach more people by publishing online via a website that has 20 million publications currently posted.

What Is this HTML5 PDF flipbook tool?

It is the largest online publishing website anywhere, and they offer their services for free. You must sign up for an account to publish your own documents, magazines, books and art. The account gives you immediate access to the html5 flipbook from PDF software, and you enter as much information as is necessary to create your publications.


This service has a large library of books, art and magazines that readers check every day. There are many people reading on the website, and you open up your business to many more customers when you post your catalog, or you will find new readers if you publish a book on tjos üöatfpr,.

What Documents Do You Use?

pdfThe documents you use for are PDFs that you have previously created. The documents you upload to the system are not the only documents you may use to create your publications.

You can see all the documents you have uploaded, and you may remove documents that you no longer want to use. The layout of your document is up in the air until you publish your document.

Edit Anytime

You can edit your documents even after they are published. You are not bound to the final version of your magazine or book once you publish it. You may make changes at any time, and your new version occupies the same permalink that was given to you originally.


compatibilityThe service is compatible with desktop computers and mobile devices.

Your readers receive the benefit of responsive design that makes it easy to use. Your readers can check in with you when you they are on their smartphones, and you can read your own magazine on a tablet. You are not deprived of the reading experience regardless of your platform.

The Book Experience

The html5 PDF flipbook technology flips the page in your document just like a real book. Your readers get to flip the pages, and they will hear the sound of the page flip as they read. The reading experience is more in line with the experience you would have with paper books, and your readers will not feel as if they lost out because you only publish online.

Html5 flipbook from PDF technology gives readers a book experience when you are to affiliated with a publishing house. You want your readers to read in a place that is exciting for them, and Yumpu is the only place that provides a good place to read. Your readers may go from one magazine to another easily, and you may publish so quickly that your readers cannot keep up.

Save Money

Your business cannot afford to send out catalogs and magazines from a printer every month. It lets you publish your magazines or catalogs online, and every customer will receive a direct link to your publication. You give your customers the information they want, but you spend no money on the publishing process.

save moneyYou may convert PDF to html5 flip book at any time and you may publish as often as you want. The free services from Yumpu allow you to join the 20 million publications on the site, and you will have infinite ability to send out new information about your business.

Coming to the site is a simple way of publishing your work without getting too involved in the technological side of the business. gives you the platform you need to publish, and you simply upload your documents to create the magazines, books and catalogs that your customers are looking for.


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