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Upload a PDF file to Google+

The tale of how I found out about (makes it possible to post PDF files to Facebook, Twitter and Google+) goes like this. Two days ago I asked my adult son, “How do I upload a pdf to my Google+ page? “Dad, really, just upload it as a picture.”

With trepedation, I attempted to do so, thinking, not right. It read: Your photos couldn’t be uploaded. Photos should be saved as JPG, PNG, GIF or TIFF files. Computers are so logical. My adult son quickly walked over to me and promptly stated, “You’ll figure it out.”

As I researched, a business associate called and recommended a site called Not a moment too soon. I glanced down at the page and read, can’t be done approximately six times. Can be done to a group function, but not to your own personal page. I read another several who taught how to convert a pdf to a picture file. (Not the best business tactic). I found a Youtube tutorial using a program called scribd, and found it adequate. I typed in into my browser.

Pleasantly, I read, Yumpu slogan, A Free Cloud Document hosting Service. Basically, makes it possible to upload a PDF file to Google plus. This allows users to post PDF files to Twitter, Facebook, Link In, Pineterest, Google and embedding on your website easily and effortlessly. Because and aPaper is so lightweight, it is fast loading and also accessibe to ipads and phones. Their service doesn’t stop there, during the conversion process they pull out key words for optimal exposure in search engines. Making this a world wide communal sharing. Free advertising, wow! Additionally, for businesses, it even will give you a weekly Status report, and a link opening up the option to shop from your own publication. What more can I ask for?

You start with registering an account for yourself. You can register with your social media login or your email address. You’ll be shown a large circle wherein to upload your pdf file. If you scroll down, you’ll see beautiful cover magazines from fellow artisans and business people.

On the next page you’ll have the option to pull out a picture from your pdf to start and organize into a collection. Very user friendly. On the right, click on the task button and a drop down menu appears. You’ll have the option to post on facebook, pinterest, twitter and of course, upload a PDF file to Google. On the top menu, You’ll also have the option to create a magazine, document manager, kiosk, dropbox. You’ll find you’ll be able to implement logos, vary and change colors and backgrounds, embed audio and video into your product. Just have fun.

The prices are more than reasonable. Starting from a free plan for private businesses, including an unlimited number of magazines to two free 30 day preview prices. There’s special pricing for kiosk owners, and large business owners.

Other competitors like Blurb, Flexpaper, Joomag, Scrib, Slideshare, YouScrib, Yudu, and Zyyne just doesn’t measure up. Some were too expensive, too slow in loading files for customers, can’t display or not properly display on mobile devices, can’t embed the video or audio files,

Thrilled, just after two days my readership has shown remarkable growth. Great Customer Service. Although I had misgivings at first, I’m so pleased with Just think of all of the ramifications of taking my publifications to interested parties all over the world. Google is the world’s largest search engine. Upload your PDF file to Google+. The skies the limit.


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